• Bride Georgia
    Bride Georgia

    A hand made unique porcelain dollhouse bride named Georgia. With a timeless dress and vail, under her skirt beautifull lace underpants and nice white pumps.

    I love watching Say Yes To The Dress ! This dress could be in the Pnina…

  • Bernadette

    Bernadette is positioned seated, she can sit on a bench in the park or in front of her lovely home. She holds her decorated hat so the wind doesn't get a hold of it. Her lace umbrella matches her summer costume. Excluding the…

  • Delia's delight
    Delia's delight

    Delia is holding her delight close to her heart. The little babygirl is yawning, feeling save with her mammie. Delia is wearing a night dress and pink slippers. The newborn is dressed in white lace with pale pink accents.


  • Garden Fairy
    Garden Fairy

    A garden fairy in pale pink, transparant green and yellow. With beautifull flowers in her hair and transparant wings.

  • Hannah & Father
    Hannah & Father

    Father Alex and daughter Hannah in night gown. Here placed sitting, daddy is reading Hanna a book.
    Hannah is a porcelain dollhouse girl and is almost 3,5 inch tall.
    She is ready for bed, wearing a fresh cotton/lace classic night…

  • Harry Potter Scene
    Harry Potter Scene

    I'm such a hughe Harry Potter fan. These dolls are made with a lot of love...

    Dumbledore is the talles doll of these dolls. Without the hat he is 6 inches tall.
    Ronald is a bit taller than Harry & Hermione.
    Unique handmade…

  • Kathleen

    This doll is inspired on the romantic novels of Kathleen Woodiwiss. An elegant young lady, with swivel head, her eyes are half shut. She could also read a book or letter. Her posable rm could hold a couch or chaise longue. Her…

  • Cyrene Spring bride
    Cyrene Spring bride

    A spring bride with flowers in her hair, bouquet and around her wrist. Her skirt is hand painted. Her veil, curls and dress are cought by a breeze.

  • Madeleine

    This sale is only for the dollhouse doll. The other shown items are sold seperatly.

    Madeline is a little girl, full porcelain, limbs and head can swivel.
    She is 3 inch tall.
    Her legs are bended a little so she can sit or lay down…

  • Norma Jean
    Norma Jean

    An elderly Marilyn Monroe. Every day she curls her hais, does her make up including the trade mark mold. She can't live without her pipe sigaret, she is off course a diva. Wearing a panther printed night gown. Excluding the chair.

  • Petronella

    This dollhouse lady is combing and braiding her lang dark brown hair. In her nightgown she can be set on a bed. The bed is available in the section Other of this webshop.

  • Reginalda, Regency doll
    Reginalda, Regency doll

    This lady is holding long gloves in her right hand. With her left hand she is holding her dress.

  • Scene Alice in Wonderland
    Scene Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in her blue dress, with apron and black shiny Mary Jane shoes, is standing on the soucer of a (new) tea cup. On the tea cup ear is the crazy Cheshire cat, showing his teath and clawing at Alice. This cat is handmade by…



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