Workshop curlers wig

You need:
* wooden teeth picks or cocktail picks
* viscose
​* comb
* glue seringe
* siccors
* liner
* paint & brush
* pliers

First I dress my doll before wigging it. My vision was an elderly Marilyn Monroe doll. Over her dress I place a thin plastic bag that I close. This will avoid viscose sticking to the clothes. Paint the pick in one color. Let the paint dry. Cut with the plier pieces of the pick, 8 mm long. Use a contrasting color paint for the ends of the pick.  Take a piece of viscose and comb this twice. The viscose looks smooth now. Take a little piece of 4 mm. Put some glue at the beginning of the visoce. Glue it on the curler and turn a few fimes, cut of the end and glue this. Repeat this about 20 times.

Use the left over viscose from the comb as base for your wig. Place glue on the head and attach the viscose to the head. Turn the viscose around the head like on the picture above. It does not have to look neat, it's only for the underground of the curlers. Place the curlers  on the head with glue in a straight pattern. You can even place a headscarf over the curlers. With her tiger printed assemble, her mold, make up and sigaret on a stick, she has the perfect look that I had in mind for her. 

Are you happy with your wig? Send me a picture, I will share the most beautifull ones under this article.  

PS Look at our Pinterestpage for more wig inspiration.


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